SiberLogic, a provider of XML content management technology, just released an integration of SiberSafe DITA Edition along with Adobe's FrameMaker 7.2 Application Pack for DITA. The solution was unveiled last Monday at the Society for Technical Communication's 54th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN.SiberLogic's Ian Lee, VP of sales and marketing, notes that the collaboration will benefit both FrameWork and SiberSafe customers, providing both a familiar interface, sophisticated DITA support and conref-based content reuse. FrameMaker joins simple word process content creation with the power of XML publishing and other advanced layout capabilities, making it easier to re-purpose content and republish it to a multiplicity of channels such as HTML, PDF, print and XML. SiberSafe combines, the capture, packaging and delivery of data from the owners (product designers, for example) to the executors (operators, maintenance engineers, etc), with full support for industry standards. The Adobe and SiberLogic collaboration enables users to access SiberSafe DITA Edition functionality from within the FrameMaker 7.2 Application Pack. This streamlines the content re-purposing process. In one clean blow, the integrated platform also delivers the following functionalities, all targeted to DITA-based material: * A single-source publishing framework * Link management * Collaborative review capabilities * On- and off-line authoring * Automated workflow control * Topic and map versioning, along with fragment-level management of DITA topic maps * Translation capabilities * Task analysis and content traceability FrameMaker 7.2, which is still in beta, extends FrameMaker's standard authoring functionality to better equip authors to work more intuitively with DITA-based content. With the inclusion of SiberSafe, menu options are automatically adjusted to optimize the authoring, publishing and technical process. From FrameMaker, users will be able to open documents and pull content alongside its associated technical dependencies, like link and xref targets, conref targets and referenced images. Content re-use and repurposing has become a bigger issue in the last few years because of increasing interactions between growing enterprises and out-of-country clients and employees. This growing norm has yielded the necessity for individual enterprises to standardize the process with which they build and disseminate information to a number of different executors. SiberLogic, which is a leading provider of XML CMS, has set its flagship product SiberSafe on a mission to assist in that standardization. The platform is built on semantic web technologies, yielding robust content development efficiency and traceability. Learn more about them, and about semantic CMS, at the SiberLogic website.