Industry Trends that will change content management
Back in 2007 we marveled at how Sitecore's Intranet Portal encouraged collaboration, as well as how it provided a strong development architecture, "making it amenable to internal and external communication - all scalable, with trackable results." We might not have known it at the time, but those assets are helping to advance content management in 2008. Or so says Sitecore's researchers. They say that three major trends are driving the way enterprises are "leveraging web content management to create more compelling websites and provides better customer interaction." And they should know. Among the key trends are: * Integration of Web CMS into the enterprise * Growth of the .NET Framework * Adoption of mobile computing While we began to see a smattering of these trends in 2007, the research says that they will be more significant in 2008. Functionalities like search and customer relationship management tools are gaining popularity within businesses. A few have even incorporated video management, e-commerce and ad-serving into their CMS. In addition, mobile applications and Web 2.0 functionalities are in demand and are changing the way people interact, communicate and carry out business processes. Finally, since the .NET Framework is becoming one of the two most commonly used development platforms, user experience and workflow are more important than ever. All of this is just too handy for Sitecore, who is known for and plans to enhance the scalability of rich features so that they can be easily and seamlessly be integrated into the enterprise’s CMS and .NET framework. This, of course, is good for business and for business enterprise. Sitecore’s CMS, which uses the .NET framework and incorporates Web 2.0 features "with advanced multimedia delivery and integrated social networking features", shows that it's ready for action. Are these the trends that everyone will be following? Could be, as Sitecore isn't the only CMS integrating and expanding their functionalities. But tell us what you think? Are these trends worth following?