We love to watch relationships blossom and bloom, and while the weather may be cold, the atmosphere is warm and fuzzy for the folks at Sitecore and Coveo Solutions, Inc., who recently announced a partnership to integrate Coveo’s search engine functionality into Sitecore’s CMS. Sitecore is a leading provider of .NET Web CMS and portal software that lets businesses deliver highly scalable, robust and secure sites designed to deliver fast results. Coveo Solutions, Inc. is a global provider of secure enterprise search solutions that boasts a client base of names like HP, Procter & Gamble, and Lockheed Martin. By integrating Coveo Enterprise Search (CES), Sitecore’s CMS will be able to provide businesses with the ability to streamline the end user search experience, making it easier to round up the right information from a variety of dispersed data sources. This integration will also allow guided search capabilities for website visitors and enhanced search optimization reporting for site managers. It should also reduce the amount of time it takes a website visitor to search for exactly what they seek, while providing them with related information that they may find useful. By providing faceted navigation, Sitecore users will be able to easily dig through a list of browsing categories to find more particular and targeted results. This dynamic, guided search capability is aimed at delivering an intuitive and speedy user experience. Website managers will also benefit from this integration, as they will now be provided with detailed analytical insight on search functionality. Sitecore’s CMS with faceted search engine functionality lets site managers optimize their websites and make information easily accessible for website visitors, providing a host of reporting on how search is performing, what users are looking for, what they did and didn’t find, what erroneous search results were delivered, and how to correct errors and achieve optimal search results. Check the Sitecore website for more information on this integration.