Copenhagen-based Web CMS purveyor Sitecore has just announced the launch of Intranet Portal, which helps businesses provide employees with contextual information within a secured and central locale. What makes this intranet offering such a big deal? It boasts a user experience that promises to match a given enterprise's website."Visually compelling Intranet portals that deliver the right information to its users create an important communications and messaging opportunity that help organizations achieve the high performance workplace," says Product Marketing VP Darren Guarnaccia. "Sitecore embraces this challenge by giving businesses the tools to improve internal communications and make Intranets interesting and interactive. This both increases productivity and strengthens employees’ bond with the company." Sitecore considers itself the first CMS to create out-of-box solutions atop its core Web CMS infrastructure. In this case it pairs the intimate intranet environment with Web content and collaborative capabilities. Intranet Portal in particular will comprise a logical matching of both sides of the enterprise fence. The solution is fully customizable, collaborative (with forums, polling, weblogs and canteens) and -- for us, this is the best part -- fully measurable. Now, there's something all the touchy-feely new age web 2.0-ers always forget about. The solution, targeted to medium and large-scale enterprises, is comprised of myriad developed modules, all of which are downloadable and ready to use. Intranet Portal boasts: * Decreased IT deployment and operation costs * Faster market response capabilities for administrators * A unified interface * A 98 percent retention rate * High rates of user adoption * IT-friendly roots in .NET We're particularly interested in the solution for the way it weds the practical necessities demanded by IT to the collaborative nature of marketing. With the development of new technology, marketing and IT are two disparate worlds increasingly forced to work closer and closer together. At some point, this creative and technical ego rift will have to give way to complete integration. Sitecore appears to be a company that understands both sides of the fence. While keeping to pure .NET for this offering, for example, the company has been known to play with the possibilities of XML, a darling among those ascribed to the cult of new media. And while the Intranet Portal encourages collaboration, it's also got a strong development architecture, making it amenable to internal and external communication - all scalable, with trackable results. Sound too good to be true? You tell us.