Sitecore, a provider of .NET web content management and portal software, has announced the availability of Sitecore CMS Version 5.3. The new version supports the final version of IE 7 and Vista along with Firefox 2.0. Other features and upgrades have been added to Sitecore's CMS as well. The package provides a greater depth of user friendliness offering website editors a simpler editing environment within Microsoft Office 2007. Additionally, Sitecore's support for Microsoft Vista gives customers significant security enhancements, stability and performance improvements. Other enhancements include: * Media Management -- Sitecore CMS now includes the ability to version, manage workflow and secure any media item, like a document, image or video. In addition, content managers can identify new media item types to inherit custom metadata for which users can be automatically prompted to populate when uploading new assets to the media library. * Streamlined User Interface -- With an increase in functionality and the need for simplicity, Sitecore has streamlined its user interfaces for the content editor environment. By employing the design and functionality concepts of the Microsoft Office 2007 user interface, Sitecore has made it easier for content managers to find and use features within a task-focused, uncluttered environment. * Increased Scalability -- To address the continuing needs of customers with larger web farms that require scalability and flexibility, Sitecore now provides state server support and additional caching options. With state server support, Sitecore web farms can share session information across any of the web servers in the farm. The additional caching options provide greater flexibility in controlling content and media items. * Improved accessibility support -- Sitecore addresses key elements to universal access by providing accessibility to the disabled and providing customization and localization features for people from different countries and cultures. This support offers organizations a larger market share by making their web sites more accessible. John West, Director of Technology, Sitecore, USA stated that "by continuing our commitment to offer a pure browser-based CMS we are able to support new browsers from Microsoft and Firefox with ease and without modifications. We encourage organizations to embrace IE7 as it is designed to provide a more secure environment for all online activity." Analyst firm CMS Watch recently covered some of the strains and pains related to supporting the latest IE release. They noted that while IE 7 is more standards compliant than its predecessor it, like all browsers, it has its own bugs and presents its own unique challenges. Sitecore will be demonstrating its latest version of their web content management and portal platform at the Gilbane Conference for Content Management Technologies, kicking off today in Boston. Around since 2001, Sitecore have developed content management systems which allow companies in a simple and manageable fashion to control the content of their websites and intranets while integrating with external IT systems, including CRM systems. Sitecore's system is based on Microsoft .NET technology and the World Wide Web consortium's open Internet standards.