If simple is beautiful, then the new file delivery service from mobile software vendor SmithMicro is close to being a masterpiece if only for the practicality and general all-round usefulness of it.

Just as you might expect from such a service, there isn’t a lot to SendStuffNow, which enables users to easily send large files, or files that need additional security from one user to another using a simple click-through set up.

While you might argue that FTP does this already, the difference here is that unlike FTP, users of SendStuffNow don’t need to install dedicated client software and can simply transfer files by creating file links from any PC and sending the links to recipients who can then download the file.

For many users, the real benefit of this comes from the fact that the service can also be used by mobile workers with a client designed for both Apple's iPhone and iPad already available and Android and BlackBerry clients available later in the summer.



Securing Files

The other principal advantage of SendStuffNow is its security features. Using SmithMicro’s StuffIt archive format, which uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect the file itself. SendStuffNow also uses RSA’s 2048-bit key and SSL to encrypt all communications between server, client and web browser.

Big deal, you might say, but keep in mind that uses can transfer files of up to 2GB in size with all these security features as well as securing the file metadata, which can leave files open to interference if not properly closed off.

In addition to the file and client security features, a central dashboard also enables IT managers or administrators view all file transfer activity, access reports on those actions and in cases where there may be security issues, delete files on a file by file basis.

Pricing for the service is relatively low depending on which of the services and how much security or content you need to be pushing about.

For individual users there is a free service for files of up to 1GB/month with full, secure services for enterprises of 10 seats costing US$ 1500 annually. If this is not enough company also says it can scale a solution to suit any size.