Socialtext 3.0 - New Ways to Share Information in the Enterprise

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As we previously covered, wiki provider Socialtext, is expanding their offerings with two additions to their service, "Socialtext Dashboard" and Socialtext People".CMSWire had the opportunity to discuss these two recent additions with Chairman and President of Socialtext, Ross Mayfield. Enterprise is taking on social software in a big way (see the recent announcements of Jive's Clearspace 2.0) as more and more companies are adopting a "web 2.0" approach that focuses on people and websites as platform rather than the older way of using traditional software. Mayfield told CMSWire that these two new additions to the Socialtext family represent a path the 5 year old company has been on for a while. While more and more companies are using wikis as a way to share information in their business, Mayfield admits that the difficult part is getting users to actually utilize these tools in a meaningful way. By their very nature, wikis are impersonal.He told us that these new features will aid adoption and assist users in learning how to use social software in order to transform their businesses. They will also allow for a higher degree of engagement. For specific new features Dashboard and People bring, Mayfield pointed out that the new dashboard is similar to Google's iGoogle start page service.It follows the OpenSocial gadget standard, where the person can add information via widgets.Socialtext 3.0's API has also been worked on to allow for users to integrate the dashboard with their own company's tools. Groups within the organization can also use create group specific dashboards. Socialtext People is another in a line of "Facebook for the Enterprise" offerings, where companies want to take the good parts of social networking sites (easy communication, user profiles most notably) without all of the bad (no one from the outside can get in, which can be a problem if you are using something like Facebook as a company directory). Mayfield tells us this generated out of the company's personal interest in consumer social networking sites and also as a response to more customers wanting social software offerings. Socialtext Dashboard and Socialtext People is currently being used in-house at Socialtext and the beta will be rolled out to clients within the next 90 days.