Here’s a song you’re probably familiar with: What do companies need? To save money. What else do they need? To increase efficiency. How these things are usually achieved? Through collaboration. We sing it here at CMSWire on almost a daily basis, and the latest to join in on our tune are Enterprise CMS provider SpringCM and Kodak. The two companies are now working together to provide a SaaS platform that enables rapid digitization and remote, subscription-based access to information. Through both faster processing time and lower ownership costs, an increase in productivity for less money is surely on the horizon.

The Skinny

Now a member of Kodak’s Authorized Independent Software Vendor program, SpringCM’s Web-based content management system enables users to access their information on demand, from any location they choose. Working seamlessly in tandem with KODAK Scanners and KODAK Capture Pro Software, businesses are provided with a high quality, front-end solution that helps capture, enhance, manage and archive large volumes of both critical and non-critical information.

Why It’s Awesome

“The financial flexibility of a Web based system, free of the costs associated with IT installation and ownership costs can assist users in making decisions more cost effectively as they manage projects during their work day,” said Dick Hoffmann, SpringCM VP of business development and global alliances.Aside from the whole efficient and cheap game, both Kodak and SpringCM stress that being able to access information from home, work, in-transit, or from your favorite coffee shop is huge and, dare we say it, necessary. The amount of people who work on the go is rapidly increasing, and companies interested in staying afloat in the digital world are obviously scrambling to accommodate them. Additionally, both companies have covered the ever-popular security insecurity by ensuring that valuable business information remains secure within the Internet based system. SpringCM Software uploads information to a secure document repository, backed by user authentication security settings that provide a lock tight facility, certified by the Statement on Auditing Standard 70.

SaaS for the Win! Who Benefits?

SaaS, another tune we at CMSWire love to whistle, is one of those so-cool-it’s hot developments, and the benefits are becoming more and more apparent to companies of all sizes. With the ability to sign on a Web-based service via any Internet connection, accessibility issues are practically out the window. Industries such as finance, health care and manufacturing can integrate SaaS products in order to save their dollars, increase productivity and allow the immediate availability of pertinent information to carry them on a wave of good fiscal and dynamic fortune ever after. And doesn't that sound just lovely?If you feel so inclined, visit both www.springcm.com and www.kodak.com to learn more.