Stellent Eases Sarbanes Oxley Compliance

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Stellent, a provider of web and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, announces the release of version 7.5 of the Stellent Sarbanes-Oxley SolutionThe Sarbanes-Oxley ECM product is designed to simplify the process of achieving compliance status with regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).The new features and functionality in version 7.5 are customer-driven enhancements developed to speed implementations, increase ease-of-use and augment reporting capabilities."Stellent developed many of the product's new features and functionality after assessing requests and requirements Protiviti has observed across the numerous Sarbanes-Oxley clients with which we've worked," said Michael O'Donnell, managing director for Protiviti and head of the firm's technology risk consulting practice.The release includes the following new features designed to speed implementations:
  • Content and process reuse -- minimizes the effort required to implement business processes across an organization's various geographies or departments. Users simply define controls and processes once, and copy and paste them to other areas as needed.
  • Pre-defined templates -- process, risk and control templates help increase efficiency and maintain consistency by illustrating how these activities should be implemented.
  • Documentation levels -- help users define how much and what type of documentation is required for a specific process. This feature also provides examples of required documents and prompts users if documentation is missing.
  • Enhanced financial element mapping -- enables users to more easily map a process to financial elements via a pop-up tree, which can be selected and applied to the financial elements impacted.
The following enhancements were designed to improve the product's ease-of-use:
  • Risk/control matrix navigation -- helps users better understand how risks, controls and processes interrelate by allowing users to view different arrangements of these categories.
  • Context-specific search -- increases the power and decreases the complexity of searches by presenting fields relevant to the type of content (e.g. test, process or control) a user wants to retrieve.
  • Enhanced design effectiveness -- makes design review and approval an inherent part of the workflow, enabling users to quickly determine if a process is completed and documented correctly or if there is a problem.
"Gartner believes that through 2005, Sarbanes-Oxley solutions based on process management or document management platforms will be more successful than those from any other vendor category," said Tom Eid, principal analyst for Gartner, Inc. "Companies need technology applications that enable them to better prioritize risks within their organizations, and therefore, accomplish many of their ERM objectives."Stellent Sarbanes-Oxley Solution 7.5 is available today and is being demonstrated this week at Crescendo 2005, Stellent's global user conference, in San Diego, California.