StoredIQ Adds Legacy Archived Media to eDiscovery Solution
StoredIQ Inc., a leading provider of information management and eDiscovery technologies, announced that it's going beyond their basic eDiscovery solutions to include data stored on backup tapes and other legacy archived media. The aptly named, StoredIQ Solution for Legacy Archived Media, is built to leverage their eDiscovery solution for the enterprise by addressing and capturing data from all sources, both on- and off-line.Rules that require companies to produce relevant and readily accessible data during the eDiscovery process almost always include data archived on tapes and other legacy archived media. StoredIQ is capitalizing on the relevancy of media by becoming the "only eDiscovery solution for the enterprise that fully captures legacy archived media and seamlessly aggregates it with online data that the StoredIQ solution already supports." By automating the legal eDiscovery processes and increasing visibility and control over the ever-growing mound of unruly, unorganized and unmanaged information, companies can quickly and easily deploy the appliance in-house to search, preserve, collect and process data from many live data sources across the enterprise and across remote locations. No small feat, of course, but one that is becoming more manageable in both cost and effectiveness. StoredIQ offers support for data sources, including file and email servers, collaborative software applications, document management repositories and personal desktops and works with companies so that they can extract and produce data from a wide variety of different tape and legacy archive formats. The truth that eDiscovery has uncovered is that companies have way too much information floating around, much of it in files that exist on and off the server. Regardless of where data is stored, it's still subject to the same rules and standards. By expanding its technology so that all sources can be searched, this solution is bound to be a popular talking point within the fast-expanding eDiscovery marketplace.