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Surety, LLC, a provider of data integrity solutions, has announced the release of AbsoluteProof for Microsoft SharePoint -- a lightweight, automated software solution that seals and authenticates records in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). AbsoluteProof for MOSS provides third-party validation of the time, date and content integrity of an electronic record, allowing SharePoint users to prove the authenticity of their electronic records in case they ever need to legally defend their organization's intellectual property. "There are more than 100 million SharePoint users residing in a wide range of organizations from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations all looking to improve the way they share information and collaborate," said Tom Klaff, CEO of Surety, LLC. AbsoluteProof uses Surety's standards-based digital time-stamping method to automatically and seamlessly affix a Surety Integrity Seal to records as they enter user-specified sites and document libraries within the SharePoint platform. This gives users long-lasting, objective proof of the time, date and content integrity of their electronic records. Furthermore, AbsoluteProof can identify records that have been altered at any stage in the business process, thus ensuring the regulatory and legal defensibility of electronic records within the SharePoint platform. "While collaboration and document management tools like SharePoint enable users to appreciate the benefits associated with electronic records management, they also bring forth a unique set of information security challenges. To protect trade secrets and other intellectual property, businesses must have the power to prove that their electronic records have never been manipulated, from the moment they were generated to the time they are challenged. Data integrity solutions like AbsoluteProof provide secure, independent proof of electronic content security, enabling SharePoint users to gain competitive advantages associated with electronic records while protecting themselves, their clients and their futures." AbsoluteProof for MOSS runs for US $25 per seat for unlimited use and is available now. One or two year licenses are also available online as is a free 30-day trail. Visit Surety for more information.