Survey: Contribute to Content Component Management

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CMS Watch and the Rockley Group recently teamed up to create a more comprehensive CMS industry report.To aid in this venture they are releasing a call to Component Content Management users to participate in a web-based survey. Those who complete it may receive a free hour of consulting from the content-savvy pair.Occasionally called "single sourcing," component content management is the process of creating paragraphs in isolation and combining them to form documents. The process is used for large document collabo projects in which there are multiple variables that must unite, such as when you have a document that must be translated into several languages and reused many times.The concrete definition of component content management remains in a state of flux, although after CMS Watch and the Rockley Group complete their research this status may change.In related news, Vasont recently released a single-source CMS solution that adds some defining features to the term.Read more about the forthcoming report.