With e-Discovery and compliance at the heart of Symantec’s (news, site)  information management strategy, the company has just announced the release of its upgraded archiving software Enterprise Vault enabling combining emails from Microsoft Exchange Online with on-premise archived content.

Content can be gathered into a single central repository simplifying searches required on e-Discovery requests as well as keeping information needed for compliance issues together and easy to find.

But Symantec, if anything, has been through it all over the years and this time it’s no different as it has also released Enterprise Vault Discovery Collector, which goes after all the difficult-to-manage unstructured information on desktops and laptops as well as information on SharePoint Server and file shares.

Again, the purpose of Collector is to provide information for e-Discovery requests, which along with the extended support Enterprise Vault 9.0 offers for MES 2010 Service Pack 1, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Domino 8.5, gives the combined release considerable muscle.

Enterprise Vault and e-Discovery

Enterprise Vault 9.0 provides easy compliance and e-discovery searches by combining emails from Microsoft Exchange Online with on-premise archived content sources into a central repository, allowing organizations to reduce costs, centrally manage e-discovery and support internal investigations.

Enterprise Vault 9.0 also expands content source support to include Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1), Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Domino 8.5.1.

So what does all this mean? Enterprise Vault as an entire package offers enterprises the ability to deduplicate archived content at the source, delete information confidently with considerable back-up support, and discover information across the entire enterprise. Long standing features of it include:

  • Unified Archiving Platform provides enterprises with ability to move rarely accessed information to cheaper storage.
  • E-Discovery and Search. e-Discovery with access to information defined by roles.
  • Easy deduplicastion of content stored across the enterprise.
  • Content collection beyond archive and across the enterprise.

Enterprise Vault 9.0

Add to that some of the new features that come with v9.0. As well as the ability to combine content located in Microsoft Exchange with archived content in a single location, it also comes with:

  • Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator: Adds new deduplication technology eliminates review and exports redundant files (and not to be confused with Collector, which extends search to unmanaged data sources.
  • New platform support: As well as MES and SharePoint 2010 support it also enhances Lotus Domino support by adding mail-in databases to capture documents and workflows.
  • Symantec FileStore appliance support: Along with Symantec’s FileStore appliance it provides secure information management for cloud environments.
  • Integration with NetBackup: Enterprise Vault works with NetBackup to define automatic, policy-based migration strategies to other NetBackup media.

NetBackup 5000

And NetBackup has also been upgraded this time to NetBackup 5000, which helps enterprises protect information in physical or virtual environments while deduplicating data everywhere, and lessening their data storage footprint in enterprises as well as the cloud. All upgrades are generally available.