Never one to be left behind when it comes to offering solutions for the most prevalent issues facing enterprises today, IBM has come out with a whole new slew of solutions designed to help get your content under control. Pick just one product or mix and match to suit your business needs.IBM calls it the IBM Content Collection and Archiving Family. It's a modular set of products based on the IBM ECM platform and designed to take advantage of its capabilities in advanced classification, records management, eDiscovery and search. The ability to archive email, classify content and search multiple information sources are what this family of products is built to do. Like any good solution these days, the information can be stored just about anywhere and created by just about anything including Lotus Quickr, SharePoint and instant message software. Advanced functionality meets new legal eDiscovery and records management requirements such as helping to avoid duplication problems that come with having multiple retention services and reduces storage costs. Here's a breakdown of the products: * IBM Content Collector for Email: Automated processes collect and archive email messages in central repository, inserts them into business processes in IBM FileNet P8 and provides lifecycle management * IBM Content Collector for File Systems: Controls documents on network file shares using an advanced rules engine, classification using IBM classification module and declares documents as records using IBM ZeroClick * IBM Content Collector Preload Edition: A hardware and software solution that enables the quick installation and automation of email management solutions * IBM Content Collector Enterprise Bundle: A bundled solution that supports content created in email, file systems and SharePoint and includes Contextual Classification functionality It's obvious that IBM's products are designed to work with other IBM products, so if you are looking for an email archiving solution that works with, say, EMC Documentum, then look somewhere else. But if you are an IBM supporter, then these solutions may be the ticket to your compliance and eDiscovery woes.