Knowledge Tree DMS
KnowledgeTree and CorraTech have partnered to go out into the big wide world and promote open source document management software. KnowledgeTree provides an open source document management product for small to medium sized businesses. CorraTech provides open source system integration, consulting and outsourcing services. They will work together to sell KnowledgeTree's software throughout North America and Europe.CorraTech's virtual suite OPENSUITE contains a number of open source applications of which KnowledgeTree is the enterprise document management solution. They believe this is the suite that companies need to achieve "seamless business process integration". This does demonstrate KnowledgeTree's willingness to integrate with other open source applications. "...KnowledgeTree allows us to introduce enterprise-wide document storage and document workflow flexibility to our customers. Our Open Source Center of Excellence and OPENSUITE development teams have found KnowledgeTree to rank at the top on ease of use and speed to deployment, giving our clients a quicker ROI." (said Ron Bongo, CEO of CorraTech) But is KnowledgeTree the only open source document management solution on the market today. They definitely have a good sized community with over 30,000 registered members and 67 community-run products. They also have almost half a million downloads of their software. There are several versions of the KnowledgeTree document management software including a hosted version and a community open source version. So how do other open source cms vendors compare? Alfresco is an enterprise content management solution which has document management as one of it components. It currently has 125 community projects on the Forge site with 902 registered users. Their community totals over 35,000 members. Nuxeo is another enterprise content management provider which has document management as a component. And there's probably a few more out there ready to offer their solution to your company. Is one better than the other? Or do they all have their sweet spots? Tell us what you think. You can download KnowledgeTree or go hang out at their community site.