Autralian publishing solutions firm with a fondness for the accent aigu has today announced the latest release of their XML Content Management System (CMS) and Publishing platform. Typéfi Publishing System (TPS) v2 targets in ease-of-use for automated publishing solutions with an emphasis on workflow management and content management capabilities. The TPS product consists of three components, Content Management, Workflow Management, and Automated Publishing. The publishing component can produce up to 15,000 print ready documents per hour."Typéfi has clearly set a new standard for ease-of-use for automated publishing," said Thad McIlroy, an electronic publishing analyst and author, and president of the consulting firm Arcadia House. "The improvements they’ve made in usability over the established solutions simply can’t be overstated." In addition to its automated publishing capabilities TPS provides XML-compliant, server-based content management capabilities that are tightly integrated into desktop software tools such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. TPS’s Web console is used to manage workflows which can involve both internal and external parties. Managers can see where each part of the project stands, and team members are able to access and update their piece as and when they need to. "Whether the need is to publish books or documents such as annual reports, technical manuals, prospectuses, policies and procedures, TPS can streamline the publishing processes and deliver a solid return-on-investment," says Steve Huff, CEO of Typéfi. The TPS product is the built upon the standards-based Typéfi Technology Platform. Platform support includes Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. TPS Version 2 is available effective immediately.