ECM industry association AIIM Europe has just released its survey results from the AIIM Roadshow, which hit 5 cities in the UK last month. Survey says, good news -- overall planned spend for ECM technologies is holding strong, despite falling cost-per-seat. Which really just means plusher seats all around.19 percent of respondents indicate their organization has an anticipated total spend of over £200,000 in ECM over the next 12 months. And 8 percent of respondents plan on spending over £1 million. Per last year's results, the figures have only changed about one or two percent. But what about those falling per-seat prices? President John Mancini of AIIM notes the numbers demonstrate "falling per-seat prices are allowing organizations to increase coverage of their ECM systems rather than reduce project budgets." Happily, this also "reflects the trend for ECM to become part of the IT infrastructure across the whole enterprise." The products of most interest to attendees were document management, records management and forms capture. These were followed closely by email management and workflow. Moreover, at least one in five attendees were on the hunt for solutions containing Web content management, invoice processing, collaboration, digital mailroom and enterprise search characteristics. The show drew about 1,100 visitors in a five-day span. In line with this sunny news, in April AIIM found CMS implementations in the UK have doubled since 2005. If you're sorry you missed this year's AIIM Roadshow, start prepping for next year. The 2008 Roadshow takes place in Glasgow on April 28th, Bolton on the 29th, Coventry on May 1st, Bristol on the 2nd, and London on the 3rd.