Vamosa (news,site) has some additional SharePoint capabilities in its portfolio through a new partnership with MetaVis Technologies. 

Content Governance and SharePoint

Vamosa is building its portfolio of content governance solutions one partnership at a time. This is certainly one of the fastest ways to get additional capabilities and with SharePoint 2010 shipping now, Vamosa likely wants to get on the support train fairly quickly.

Last month they announced an extended partnership with SchemaLogic. SchemaLogic's MetaPoint product helps automatically tag and classify documents destined for SharePoint, even going so far as to recommend where in SharePoint the documents should be placed. 

Now they take content governance with SharePoint even further through a new partnership with MetaVis (newssite) technologies. MetaVis Architect Suite is a set of tools that help manage and migrate content within SharePoint environments. The Suite contains a number of tools that will help work with the content located within SharePoint. You can manage metadata, taxonomies, move content between sites, move sites, migrate content into SharePoint and more.

The MetaVis products fit in well with Vamosa's goal of helping organizations better manage the content within their websites for improved findability and e-Discovery.

Exclusive Partnerships for European Sales

In both cases, Vamosa has developed partnerships to sell their partners products in Europe -- this is an exclusive partnership for MetaVis. For MetaVis, a relatively new and small vendor, this is a good opportunity to expand their market quickly, without the overhead of additional offices. 

Vamosa Executive Chairman George Knox said the company selected MetaVis over competitors like AvePoint and Metalogix because MetaVis's solution was built with SharePoint 2010 in mind.

When evaluating Metalogix and AvePoint we recognized that they could do simple migration, but being developed for SharePoint 2003 and 2007 means they have only been adapted for 2010. The products will not necessarily give you solutions for re-architecting your content and definitely do not provide an easy to use graphical representation of the your content. And as a result, you’ll end up migrating all your content to SharePoint 2010 without the ability to take advantage of all the new features and functions within SharePoint 2010. You’ll need to buy more tools in order to get around this problem, costing you time and money.

The Difference Between Metalogix, MetaVis and AvePoint

It is true that both AvePoint and Metalogix would have solutions that were primarily built for the SharePoint 2007 (and 2003) markets, as both have been in the SharePoint solutions market for a number of years now. (Editor's note: Both AvePoint and Metalogix were part of the Microsoft TAP program for SharePoint 2010, giving them an early look into the new version so that they could build their 2010 product versions specifically for SharePoint 2010).

MetaVis's products were also first introduced for the SharePoint 2007 market and they are working on taking advantage of some of the new SharePoint 2010 architecture. I think what may differentiate MetaVis is their focus on migration as an on-going management process. MetaVis sees migration as a regular activity and has built their tools and their pricing model to reflect this.

There are many similar capabilities between MetaVis, Metalogix and AvePoint, including on-going migration, re-organizing and re-templating of content. Your decision on which product is best will depend on the exact requirements you have. AvePoint has an extensive set of SharePoint administration capabilities in addition to migration, as does Metalogix. And both (Metalogix, AvePoint) have already announced product updates to support SharePoint 2010.

Regardless, this partnership is a wise move for MetaVis and one that should see their product sales rise significantly as organizations in Europe make their plans to migrate or update SharePoint 2010.