Vamosa Tools for Fixing the Enterprise Content Governance Mess

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Vamosa Check&Fix, Enterprise content governance

The notions of web and enterprise content governance are gaining more and more attention -- partially, due to growing concerns around eDiscovery and other compliance challenges. Everyone has some sort of content (and its volumes are growing at the speed of light), but do you have standards, policies and procedures around it? How do you enforce them?

The challenge many organizations face is compliance (or lack of it) with internal and external policies and regulatory standards. This is exactly the challenge Vamosa (news, site) is trying to address with its new product called Check & Fix.

We spoke with Nic Archer, Sr. VP at Vamosa, to get the scoop on the new offering, as well as to discuss general enterprise content governance topics.

Background on Enterprise Content Governance (ECoG)

There are different definitions for both web governance and enterprise content governance. But the two notions sit right next to each other.

Web governance, as one of the component of Web Operations Management (WOM), is defined as policies and standards for web products set by authoritative administrative structures. That’s how Lisa Welchman, who has pioneered the web governance space, defines it.

Enterprise content is, essentially, your web product in many instances. Vamosa looks at enterprise content from the point of view of the need to establish, implement and maintain content quality standards for organizations.

Why There’s a Need for ECoG

According to Archer, Vamosa started to recognize the overall state of unhappiness with content while they were doing what they are traditionally know for – content migrations and content analysis. While enterprise content tends to be driven by content quality and governance principles, many organizations often end up with content that is not accessible, not cost-controlled and not findable.

Enterprise Content Governance Principles

The goal here is to use governance principles efficiently and with the least amount of risk. There are many questions organizations need to consider:

  • Does your website have the right level of Section 508 and W3C compliance?
  • Is your brand management implemented correctly?
  • Are you using metadata, classifications and taxonomies efficiently?
  • Are your internal governance processes stored and managed correctly?
  • What are your internal processes to reduce cost?
  • What are your external processes to reduce exposure yet to maximize compliance?

Many CMS implementations fall short of addressing these questions. It is now a lot more that storing author name under metadata and hitting the Publish button. Enhanced compliance (for accessibility or corporate governance) is crucial if you want to go from a nebulous to a tightly-controlled state.

ECoG gives organizations the ability to implement and apply controls when content is created, updated, moved or otherwise managed.

What Vamosa’s Check & Fix Can Do

Vamosa calls it “the first web site content monitoring service” that checks and automatically fixes errors. Check & Fix focuses on enterprise and government branding message consistency, with a goal to reduce risk through adherence to standards and automated web content quality processes.

Vamosa Check & Fix features include:

  • Monitor any number of sites automatically
  • Provide monitoring information through an online information portal
  • Build policies around key strategic content
  • Apply fixes to content inside a CMS
  • Adhere to accessibility standards
  • Check for missing pages and broken links
  • Correct addition of new documents and web pages
  • Correct spellings for local geographies and markets

vamosa dashboard.png

Vamosa Check & Fix Interface

With Check & Fix, you can do auditing, migrating, cleansing, enhancing, monitoring and maintaining of enterprise, web, intranet and document-based content.

How Vamosa’s Check & Fix Works

The new product from Vamosa is designed to take the flagship content migrating tools to the next level and add governance principles that can be used to monitor and fix content via the Check & Fix interface.

Learning Opportunities

Migration can be the first step, when you perform analysis of your content, where you are organizationally and where you want to be. This, however, doesn’t solve all the problems.Next step is to think about the state of processes and what the processing rules are, and monitor content on the ongoing basis.

All principles that should be applied to content and the path of resolution are stored inside the Check & Fix applications. However, users can manage those issues and fixes from within a CMS interface.

As we know from the vendor’s content migration history, Vamosa’s APIs can “talk” to about 20 web and enterprise content management systems, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Vignette, FatWire, Open Text’s Livelink, Alfresco, SDL Tridion, Media Surface, EMC Documentum, Ektron, FileNet, Sitecore, EPiserver and Interwoven.

This WCM and ECM partner network gives end-users utilizing Vamosa the ability to work in know environments they are comfortable using in order to update content that is not compliant to rules and processes.

On the technology side, there is the standardized rules engine called Vamosa Content Quality Builder. Vamosa’s Java-based application can run on the server inside a customer’s firewall. You can also use Amazon cloud, if you’re more interested in running a cloud services-based application.

The content migratory application uses the rules defined in the Vamosa Content Quality Builder, which reviews content, brings it into a database and applies those review rules. Following which, any deviation is presented to content authors and editors through a portal that has a dashboard-style interface.

vamosa deviations.png

Vamosa Check & Fix Deviations Check

Content updates from Check & Fix can go through standard workflows and approval processes.

In the Land of Enterprise Content Governance

While Vamosa may not the only vendor in the land of Enterprise Content Governance, the vendor does seem to have a unique value proposition, especially taking into account its extensive content migration history.

As always, do your homework, but Vamosa could be a good fit, if your company is looking to implement a content governance framework across the organization to deliver compliance requirements, such as eDiscovery, and improve content findability.

Vamosa’s Early Adopter Program is open now to qualifying organizations. General Availability of Check & Fix is expected in fall 2009.