Vasont WebLNX Offers Virtual XML Editing

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Vasont (news, site) unleashes WebLNX, a web-based tool that allows writers to create, update and submit XML content for publishing to Vasont's CMS on the go.

Link to Vasont's CMS From Anywhere

WebLNX (Weblinks for the hard of deacronym-ising) is a new tool for users of Vasont's XML CMS. Aimed at those who don't or can't use the hosted CMS on a daily basis, freelancers or occasional workers, it offers a virtual web-based XML editing tool to help them work with an organization’s editorial staff to review and edit XML content already on the CMS.

Vasont's XML CMS is aimed at enterprises with large scale, dynamic publishing needs. Each installation can be customized to the customer company's needs, the addition of WebLNX makes it easier to give those outside the usual channels access to content.

Features include opening up access to the core CMS content, an XML editing interface, encrypted and password protected access, workflow tools, change tracking. And, if your company is used to sending massive manuscripts around the world, is good for the environment.

Learning Opportunities

Remote Control

WebLNX can help editors distribute content quickly, while giving access to the XML environment for authors and other knowledge workers. With Vasont's high-end client list of business, scientific and research customers, the new product will help link the time-poor, much-traveled experts who often contribute to their documents more accessible.

Vasont CMS helps produce material in multiple languages for distribution across multiple media. Vasont's products are available as hosted, or as a subscription SaaS edition, with a range of extensions to tie-in to other data sources and applications.