Vignette today announced native support for the Apple Macintosh browser in Vignette content management solutions. If you're wondering what this means, you are not alone. In short, Vignette have begun offering support for web authoring and management in Macintosh-based browser environment. It may sound trivial, but such support is in fact somewhat rare. The various versions of the Apple Macintosh OS are the de facto standard in industries such as education, publishing, graphic design and illustration. Mac OS users represent upward of 5 percent of the overall computing population and are some of the most demanding users. Vignette content management and portal solutions now enable the more than 25 million Mac users to easily create, manage and publish information to the Web, and manage the delivery channels for that information, through a single user interface. "After an extensive evaluation of content management solutions, Texas State University selected Vignette(R) V7 content management in part because of its open architecture and ability to work in hybrid environments, including Macintosh compatibility," said Dr. Milt Nielsen, director of Instructional Technologies at Texas State University-San Marcos. "The Web is increasingly playing a more significant role in the education process. Vignette continues to partner with leading universities to help build their visibility and enhance their educational programs," said David Shirk, senior vice president of products, strategy and worldwide marketing at Vignette. Learn more. [ Editor's Note -- 16-Jun-2004 ] Interestingly a search for "Macintosh" on the Vignette website brings back zero results.