Visible Path just launched its new info-oriented site with the help of Clickability cmPublish, a proprietary hosted web content management platform. Unlike typical info sites that jive like one-way conversations and make you feel inadequate for not knowing enough background information, starts a dialogue that contributes to the industry's collective knowledge in addition to publishing product information.Knowing that educating the marketplace is a great opportunity to expand the company's scope, Visible Path determines to make themselves purveyors of knowledge about business social network technology in general, rather than focusing on their own suite of solutions. “Our biggest competitor isn’t other social network companies, it’s unawareness of real, measurable business benefits of actively managing social networks to build relationship capital,” explains CEO Antony Brydon. "Clickability gives us the freedom to create a lively forum about the topic.” Lively indeed. With their claws deep in the burgeoning professional social networking scene, Visible Path is rapidly becoming a look-to informational source about trends, ideas and best practices. Rather than a series of white papers and marketing collateral, they're leveraging Clickability to make themselves into a destination complete with the usual telltale marks of Web 2.0: blogs, surveys, user-generated content, RSS and dynamic news sources whose updates are doubtless streamlined by Web 2.0 darling AJAX. In fact, Clickability's cmPublish was chosen specifically for its software-as-service approach to business. Its enterprise solutions are also social media friendly, with built-in features like blogs and commenting. But more than just building a site with an equal-opportunity attitude toward publishing and editing, which everyone seems to be doing these days, Visible Path also implemented Digg tags and buttons that will let internet pros bookmark information and spread it virally as well. Surprisingly, marks Visible Path's first experience with a web content management solution. With seasoned ambitions like a broad desire to serve and be served by an information-rich tech community, it's our strong feeling they've been watching the competition try and fail for some time. Founded in 2002, Visible Path enables the simple mapping and management of professional social networks. The company is privately-held. Check Visible Path out here or visit to start contributing to the community. Clickability provides on-demand web content management software and fully integrated hosted solutions to major publishing firms and enterprises. Learn more about Clickability here.