Clickability Hosted Web CMS
San Francisco-based Clickability announced today the latest release of its CMS as a service, hosted content management solution. This update to their flagship cmPublish product was built on the theme of reaching new audiences through intelligent content. New cmPublish features now enable web publishers to more easily package content to suit their audience’s tastes, and provide the end user with new controls such as user-configurable RSS XML feeds, customizable, content-driven alerts, and an open publishing API. Overall, these constitute some cool additions to the core product and are nicely in tune with current Web 2.0 trends. New features include: * Configurable Feeds: RSS made simple with this end user tool which supports creating, scheduling, and modifying external XML feeds. * Scheduled Dashboards: Daily, weekly, or monthly web site dashboards deliver executive summaries to controlled distribution lists. * Proactive Alerts: End-user defined trigger events send outbound notifications of content and advertising spikes. * Web Publishing API: Standards based web service interface for providing real-time and batch content repository integration. * Remote Publishing: Publishes to remote servers, so customers can use their own data centers for delivery of the final site. * Batch Import & Export: Bulk content import & export provide a standardized XML schema for transferring data between cmPublish and 3rd party data sources. * Sidekick AdTracker: While navigating your web site, the in-site ad analysis tool displays campaign, placement, and ad traffic analysis. * Impression Management: Design advertising campaigns to show ads by impression and click through count. * Frequency Capping: Throttle the number of times an ad is shown or clicked on over time. * Newsletter Analytics: New cmPublish Analytics offer Delivery Intelligence on the external adoption of your outbound campaigns. * Newsletter Advertising Analysis: Monitor impression and click through responses of your cmPublish Newsletters. * Campaign Audit Trail: Maintain campaign and advertiser accountability with the historical audit trail. * HTML Ad Support: Publish Text Ads as well as call, target, and track ads served from third party ad servers. * Full Text Attachment Search: Internal and external document indexing of MS Word and Adobe PDF files. * Descriptive URL Support: Customize content URL to improve web crawler hits and search engine optimization. * Copy Content: One click copy intelligently maps to new content types and includes streamlined content targeting. cmPublish's new web publishing API delivers SOAP/XML web services that extend access to the content management system beyond the application interface. They have also invested in the latest Web 2.0 development and design methodologies, including both Ajax and Flash rich client interfaces. Clickability is positioned in the larger e-publishing space with customers such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN Interactive, and TIME. For more information visit