Vorsite Changes Pricing Model
Adjusting your pricing model to bring more customers to your door has become a common theme lately. Vorsite (news, site), a provider of enterprise content connectors, has offered up their new pricing model designed to not only help them, but SharePoint as well.


Making SharePoint Their Business

Vorsite has staked a lot of their business on the growth of SharePoint and they probably haven't been too disappointed. They made it their job to help you connect legacy systems and other enterprise content management systems -- like IBM FileNet and EMC Documentum -- to SharePoint. Add to that Search connectors for SharePoint and you have a full suite of connectors at your finger tips.

Aaron Nettles, CEO of Vorsite Corp says that "Co-existence was a key tenant when we originally launched our product suite, integration and migration to the Microsoft platform is our focus moving forward."

Included in the Pricing Deal

The pricing deal is applicable to the following search and content connectors, all part of the Enterprise Productivity Suite for SharePoint:

  • v-Pass EMC Documentum
  • v-Parts EMC Documentum
  • v-Pass IBM FileNet
  • Vorsite Active Results for Microsoft Search (Part of the Enterprise Productivity Suite for Microsoft Search)

What the first three connectors do is enable SharePoint (WSS3.0 or MOSS) to connect to either FileNet or Documentum.

Vorsite ActiveResults extends SharePoint search capabilities by adding secure search and providing direct editing of documents within the search results screen.


Vorsite ActiveSearch

Is the Deal Really a Deal?

What pricing deal actually looks like, we don't know. But Vorsite says that if you are looking to migrate to SharePoint, then it is designed for you.

We know that many organizations have implementations of both SharePoint and some other more "enterprise level" content management system in place. It then stands to reason, that many would be interested in learning more about this pricing stimulus.

If you are one of the interested, contact Vorsite to participate in a free 30-day trial.