Among the top challenges facing multi-national manufacturers in today’s globalized market are high costs, difficult regulatory requirements, lawsuits, and lost business opportunities. Amid this intimidating swirl of liabilities, Astoria Software and Idiom Technologies, Inc. have revealed their findings on the success factors for ECM adoption in a multilingual corporate environment. Astoria Software - a company that delivers structured content management for several Global 2000 companies such as GE Healthcare and Texas Instruments, and Idiom Technologies - an independent supplier of SaaS and on-premise software solutions, compiled the information from a poll conducted during a recent Webinar. The Webinar, titled “Globalization Meets Content Management: A Best-of-Breed SaaS Approach,” featured a number of high ranking officers from Astoria Software and Idiom Technologies. The more than 300 C-level executives, information architects, product management directors, developers, and technical writers registered for the event were polled on these two key questions:

1) What is the most critical business challenge driving your organization to consider a global ECM solution?

Over one third (35.3%) of respondents said globalization and translation requirements comprised the toughest challenge. The same percentage of respondents cited content reuse across multiple business groups as a top challenge. Other popular responses included time-to-market (17.6%) and customer satisfaction improvements (11.8%).

2) Select the factor that you think is most critical to meeting your project objectives.

More than one third (38.6%) of respondents cited gaining executive buy-in as the most critical factor in achieving project goals. Other significant elements included successful pre-planning and change management (31.6%), validating the return on investment (ROI) (19.3%) and implementing a standard like the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) (10.5%). The Webinar discussed the benefits of using a state-of-the-art content management system designed to produce multilingual product documentation for use across the entire organization. The advantages of a SaaS deployment were also emphasized, especially one that includes the adoption of the DITA information standard in a multilingual environment. Attendees of the Webinar learned what Astoria and Idiom Technologies consider to be the best practices to deploy ECM across an enterprise. Topics ranged from ways to build globalized documentation solutions to strategies for leveraging content management systems to improve a company’s bottom line. You can check out an archived version of the Webinar at the buildingsolutions website. Registration is required for access.