The typical enterprise "inherits" a new search facility with each new major information systems implementation. It has become clear that no "one size fits all" solution is readily found. CMS Watch, a buy-side technology analyst firm, has recently released the 500-page Enterprise Search Report covering technologies and trends including SAP's TREX, Microsoft's Search positioning, the website search market, and the challenge of competing with Google.According to Stephen E. Arnold, principal author of the report, "Enterprise search is undergoing rapid change. On one hand, infrastructure providers such as Microsoft and Oracle know that search is emerging as a killer application. These companies have to stake out their claim or risk losing revenue. On the other hand, the complexity of enterprise search is creating an opening for developers who bundle search with enhanced indexing and classification and other needed features. Virtually all vendors are struggling to counter Google’s solution, which is low cost, powerful, and easy to operate." Based on product tests and interviews with more than 60 professionals engaged in enterprise search, the report features analysis and surveys of 29 search vendors. It is designed to help enterprises make informed search technology strategies and buying decisions. Unlike generalized reports on search, the CMS Watch study provides details on the strengths and weaknesses of each search system. The report is available for purchase online from CMS Watch in two editions: Enterprise Search and Website Search, the latter for companies looking to purchase a website-specific solution. Stephen Arnold -- founder of Arnold IT and a three-decade search and retrieval veteran -- served as the principal author.