In a Gerry McGovern-esque move Xerox has recommended that companies create a new personnel role to streamline content management. The "Director of Documents" would focus on the control of business documents, ensure compliance with regulations and look for cost savings in the content life cycle. Recent studies indicate that most companies do not know how much they spend to produce and manage documents each year. Governance requirements placed on firms in the US and in Europe have created significant pressure to improve management and auditing of the corporate content lifecycle. This combined with the cost efficiencies of a paperless office make Enterprise Content Management (ECM) ever more important in the medium and large enterprise. "There are very few people with direct responsibility for documents within an organization," said John Hopwood, general manager of Xerox Global Services UK. "Companies spend 15 to 25 percent of revenues on document management but over 90 percent don't have a clue about their total document spending. There needs to be a document processing organization that sits between IT and business processes. There could be specialist role reporting into these and perhaps working with the leader of quality management."