IXIASOFT, a vender of embeddable XML databases and search engines, announces the availability of TEXTML Server 3.5. The new version is designed to help OEM partners develop enterprise-scale Content Management (CMS) solutions more efficiently. New features include native .NET API, full XPath support, and XML conversion. Highlights of the 3.5 Release Rich XML conversion TEXTML Universal Converter enables the conversion of over 220 data types to XML. As such, applications using TEXTML Universal Converter will now be able to access and index a much larger range of content, otherwise locked inside organizations. TEXTML Universal Converter transforms unstructured data into an XML schema in the form of the SearchML standard, enabling users to take full advantage of TEXTML Server's advanced searching capabilities. Native .NET API In addition to the COM, JAVA, WebDAV, and OLEDB APIs already available, developers will now be able to have access to a native .NET API making the applications developed with TEXTML Server easier to deploy and install. Each API interface fully supports all functionalities of TEXTML Server. Full XPath support The new version of TEXTML Server fully supports the XPath standard. With this enhanced XPath support, the indexing engine becomes even more flexible allowing developers to easily populate indexes and to engage in complex conditional indexing. As a result, applications developed will gain in functionality and performance. Enhanced manipulation of documents With this new feature, developers are now able to move and copy sets of documents from one folder to another, while maintaining the complete history/versions and properties of all documents. "We are very excited about the TEXTML Server 3.5 release - more specifically, with the full XPath support which will enable us to manage generic XML structures more easily, as is the case with NewsML documents." said Jean-Michel Texier, CTO of Eurocortex.