London-based Alfresco Software is reaching out to the Spanish speaking CMS aficionados of the world. They've just launched a new website and collaboration forum for the Spanish language market. The company has had some success in the space already. They count Barceló Viajes, the Government of Catalonia, the City of Mijas, the Government of Andalucia, Punto Inmobiliario, TUI and the University of the Balearic Islands amongst their current customers. Alfesco's CEO, John Powell, points to strong CMS market expansion, both in Spain and in South America, as the driving force behind their investment in the Spanish language resources. Other open source CMS vendors -- notably eZ Publish -- have also been doing well in both Spain and Latin America. eZ Publish is more strictly a Web CMS platform which has been gaining ground in the online publishing space in Europe, Latin America and now in the good old US of A. In Latin America -- where Bogotá-based Aplyca has been leading the charge -- La Pensa, the largest online publisher in Honduras, is running on the platform and Spanish-owned Grupo Santillana, a member of the Groupo Prisa media group both run their Intranet on and are currently implementing an eZ solution for at least one title.