ZL Technologies Release Unified Archive 7.0, a Fully Integrated e-Discovery Solution

Back in April, ZL Technologies estimated that 90% of large enterprise archiving projects fail. This month, ZL continues to help companies overcome eDiscovery challenges by releasing its seventh major upgrade to its flagship product, ZL Unified Archive.

Taking Control of eDiscovery

UA 7.0 aims to give large enterprises the tools needed to take control of eDiscovery. Now customers can consolidate all corporate data into a single repository, which can search eDiscovery instantaneously across the enterprise, all while dramatically reducing storage costs. In essence, it works to change the way those in the enterprise approach eDiscovery by building virtual cases within the existing archive.

By keeping cases in an existing archives, data is left in its original location, which cuts down on the time it takes to export and import data. ZL also enforces legal holds, applies customized tags, and builds a secondary index to enable advanced concept searches, all without moving the data.


Quicker Searches and More Support

UA 7.0 introduces a few new functionalities and capabilities, including faceted search, which allows reviewers to operate on the dataset across dozens of customizable search parameters, as well as comprehensive support for a broad range of data types including Microsoft SharePoint, XML, instant messaging, faxes, Blackberry text message and much more.

By being able to handle a wide variety of data types, and executing fast and comprehensive searches, ZL UA 7.0’s fulling integrated platform will prove itself as a valuable tool for legal teams who look to hone search queries, search enter bodies of data across enterprises using all types of custodians easily and quickly. Look for it in the last quarter of 2009.