ZyLAB upgrades ZyIMAGE 5.0 service pack 7
ZyLAB, a developer of Information Access solutions, recently announced the release of ZyIMAGE 5.0 service pack 7. The upgrades to their solution are aimed to empower legal, eDiscovery, compliance and law enforcement users with enhanced operational efficiencies.The new features and benefits of ZyIMAGE 5.0 service pack 7 are: * ZyIMAGE Internet search engine integration module This module enables users to post and share information available in ZyLAB Archives to Internet Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo. Sitemaps are used to alert Internet search engines about the existence of ZyLAB documents, which enables the content of these documents to be available to users through Internet search engines. * ZyIMAGE TIFF production module This module converts electronic documents into a scanned format for archiving purposes. The “imaged” file becomes a 100% non-changeable copy of the document’s electronic version. Additional capabilities are also available, such as watermarking, imprinted key fields and load files, which can be used export TIFF documents and (re)use original ZyIMAGE key fields. * Search folders Users can now create a dynamic table of contents based on predefined queries, eliminating the need to manually maintain a table of contents. This capability ensures the table-of-contents remains up-to-date and properly organized. * Robust recovery for indexing and OCR With the new ZyIMAGE Service Monitor, it is now possible to monitor multiple index and OCR servers and automatically recover and restart them in a network environment. * Deeper language support Catalan was added as interface language. Dr. Johannes Scholtes, president of ZyLAB North America LLC says, "This release includes a large number of improvements for ZyLAB’s most important markets: eDiscovery, legal productions, in-house legal, law enforcement compliance, knowledge management and historical archiving. ZyLAB users in these markets will greatly benefit from the new functionality in this release.”

About ZyLAB

Founded in 1983, ZyLAB has been a developer for information access solutions for the last 25 years. In 2005, they rewrote their entire product suite as ZyIMAGE 5.0, and really took off in 2007 with the establishment of the ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform (IAP). ZyIMAGE IAP is an XML-based system that provides foundation for the archiving and long-term management of critical information assets, including digitized paper documents, electronic files, e-mail and attachments, and multimedia. With comprehensive core technology, users can use the IAP to find, access and organize specific data through a standard browser quickly and easily. Users can add additional modules to create the exact, cost-effective solutions they require for specific types of projects or business processes including records management, eDiscovery, e-mail archiving, knowledge management and workflow. For more information about the company and their solutions, visit www.zylab.com