The Denmark based internet conference import, J Boye, has concluded its 2011 conference in Philadelphia, PA. Attendees from multiple countries, met, networked, discussed and were educated on how to leverage emerging technologies to construct their tactical and strategic plans. Most participants were just happy to learn that others are having the exact same challenges as them.

Digital Marketing, Intranet, Corporate Communications and Online Health

Thursday began with the conferences second keynote, “Seven Ways to Think Like the Web,” presented by Jon Udell where he explored seven concepts of ‘web’ thinking. The presentation was very much in alignment with Udell’s background as an information architect and cleanly abstracted several ephemeral concepts into seven bullet points appropriate for audience.

Attendees immediately dispersed for the day’s sessions focused on four tracks:

  • Digital marketing
  • Intranet
  • Online corporate communications
  • Online health

All sessions and activities are open to all participants, so I elected to attend presentations in digital marketing and intranet.

Using Social Tools to Engage Your Audience So They Can Engage Others

The digital marketing session was targeted at helping online marketers deliver effectively use process, resources and technology in online campaigns. In, “Social Media as Business Strategy”, Espree Devora and Greg Cargill of bigMETHOD and I had a riveting discussion about ice cream bacon sundaes before the session began. However, once the presentation was underway, Devora and Cargill demonstrated their knowledge of non-pork based social tools, from 99designs to BaseCamp, and how to use the tools for effective brand evangelization. Devora said,

When you really understand why people purchase your products and services, you can create content that is really engaging.”

The pair used Old Spice’s ‘the man your man can smell like’ campaign as a case study of a successfully executed online interactive campaign. Old Spice wanted to appeal to a younger audience; the company used You Tube to create the most effective interactive campaign in history; it included a commercial, a video campaign and real-time social media responses. Because of the campaign Old Spice’s:

  • brand’s Twitter following went up 2700%
  • Facebook fan interaction 800%
  •  received 5.9 million You Tube views
  • 1 week post launch the video had been view 40 million times
  • became the most popular sponsored You Tube channel ever
  • 6 months since launch 27% increase in body wash sales and past month sales up 107% from a year ago

This is a concrete example that impacted revenue of how appropriate use of social tools can help a brand grow its core audience. The presenters were young, entertaining  and engaging -- you know kind of like one of those social media sites.

Social Business Strategy

My first session of the morning was “Getting Beyond the Field of Dreams: Building Successful Social Strategy, Inside and Out” presented by Claire Flanagan, Director of Enterprise Social Business Collaboration and Communities Strategy, CSC. Flanagan presented a case study of how CSC has begun extending social business capabilities into its enterprise.

Flanagan shared her experiences with building an intranet to allow CSC consultants to collaborate and in the last year, a global Wiki deployment. She began the session asking for a show of hands from audience of which had added social features to their organizational portals; about 1/3 of the room had. She questioned,

 What is the business value of leveraging social internally.”

and encouraged creativity, like rebranding social to collaboration, when selling the concept to executives who might be skeptical. Many of Flanagan’s challenges and experiences were shared by the session attendees, including what seemed to be a collective disdain for SharePoint,.

Now that J. Boye 2011 has concluded, attendees have a head full of content and a laptop bag full of business cards to tackle their next web challenge