2010 may become known as the Year of the Knowledge Worker. This year has been packed with strategies and technologies designed to make knowledge work more efficient and easier, if not faster. Here's our look back what the events that shaped Enterprise Collaboration in 2010.

On Enterprise Collaboration Landscape

We spent an entire month focusing on the topic of enterprise collaboration for a reason: We need to learn to work better together. Surprisingly, as social as most of us are in our personal lives, the idea of bringing social technologies into the workplace to make us more effective and efficient, isn't always met with the cheering of the crowd.

There are many reasons for this continued push back by the knowledge worker. First, forcing a new technology without understanding what's really needed and how people work, doesn't work. Second, many still fear that giving away the knowledge locked in their heads, takes away from their usefulness to the company and puts their job on the line.

But there are many who understand the value of Enterprise 2.0 technologies and know the strategies and guidance needed to implement them successfully.

On Intranets

Intranets still continue to hold attention to support enterprise collaboration. The old, "news and events" intranets are gone and the Social Intranet, or Intranet 2.0, is here. 2010 brought research and guidance on how intranets are evolving and how you need to approach funding them.

Of course, the use of SharePoint for an intranet still continues to be a popular request among organizations. And with the new social computing capabilities, it may just be the right fit.

On the Fate of Email for Collaboration

Is it dead or not? The use of email for collaboration happens in every organization, in every town today. But it's not efficient and it's not sufficient. But that doesn't mean it's not worth having around. And the truth is, it's going no where any time soon.

Still, everyone has their opinion on how it should, or should not, be used in 2011:

On E2.0 Technologies

The tools and technologies that can be used today for enterprise collaboration abound. Social networking, blogs, wikis, forums, these are all icing on the cake. We also need tools that integrate with our backend systems, support case management and business process management, and these we get from a wide variety of vendors.