Build Your Enterprise Collaboration Social Graph with Harmon.ie for Sharepoint 3.0

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Build Your Enterprise Collaboration Social Graph with Harmon.ie for Sharepoint 3.0
If you think that social graph and Sharepoint are opposites, think again. Thanks to harmon.ie, Sharepoint 3.0 just got more socially adept. Yes, version 2.2 was recently released, but 3.0 is designed to enhance the social elements of working, while 2.2 focused on basic elements of workflow.

Document Creation + Social

Specifically, harmon.ie for Sharepoint 3.0 has been designed to bring a critical social component to document creation by allowing users to collaborate with colleagues and external contacts without leaving the email interface where they spend much of their workday. New features aim to simulate your coworker’s presence, even if they’re across the room, down the road or around the world.

Users can now share documents and track document updates; connect with colleagues and check their real-time status and initiate phone/chat/video/email communications -- all the while building their enterprise social graph. Ultimately the goal is that, by eliminating complex navigation, people can connect, revealing the practical elements of sharing and collaboration.

Learning Opportunities

Tools for Cracking the Social Nut

We all know that companies have been trying to crack the social nut for some time. Fortunately, harmon.ie users have a head start. New features such as activity streams, which provide both document and people status updates and from which users can one-click phone, chat, videoconference and/or email connectivity to colleagues, make it hard not to stay connected, and thus well-informed. Additionally, harmon.ie incorporates common social elements into the enterprise, such as its "suggested colleagues" feature that helps users expand their enterprise social graph by recommending additional connections based on their contact history, including email, chat, and document co-editing.

Technology + Support = Harmony

Although cheesy to admit, harmon.ie is doing its best to live up to its name by helping companies make its collaboration as harmonious as possible. Of course, I am behooved to remind you that technology is only part of the happiness equation. Creating a supportive and sustainable social environment is the other -- and so far there isn’t an app for that. 

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