Clearvale Express
At the heels of the launch of what is said to be a "Chatter killer," Broadvision (news, site) is now announcing new features for its collaborative Clearvale Enterprise and Clearvale Express SaaS offering.

Clearvale Enterprise is aimed at bringing collaboration to organizations, with added social networking functionality for effective web engagement. Running on either a SaaS or PaaS model, Clearvale likewise offers integration with Google Docs and Google Apps, which makes managing and collaborating on documents easier.

Clearvale Express, the free edition for small organizations and businesses, is getting new features this week, as part of an earlier-announced upgrade. These will include the following new features, on top of the service's core functionalities.

  • Tasks -- Users can now create tasks and assign these to network members. These tasks can include attachments and due dates, and can be reassigned.
  • Advanced search -- This feature lets users filter searches according to content type, date, and other fields to include or exclude.
  • Smartphone support -- Clearvale now supports an optimized mobile interface, which automatically detects user-agent, so that accessing Clearvale on a mobile web browser will be more streamlined. Support is optimized for Windows Mobile 6.5, with support for more platforms in the future. This is apart from the Clearvale iPhone application earlier introduced.


Clearvale Tasks

  • Activity stream filter -- This enables users to choose the kinds of activities that appear on their profile page. This includes showing only status updates, or just activities that relate to a specified content.
  • Forum and polls sharing -- Forum topic and poll sharing gives Clearvale users the ability to share information across networks and across forums. This is particularly useful when using Clearvale ecosystems for connecting with other compatible networks and systems.
  • Video sorting -- This update lets users change the ordering of video in the Video widget, including rating and popularity.
  • Data loss prevention -- Clearvale will now prompt users if text has been entered in forms, and will prompt a user when navigating outside the page unless properly submitted.


Clearvale ActivityStreams

Aside from these feature additions, the Clearvale team also added performance tweaks and security updates, along with bug fixes. All in all, these account for an improved user experience and more robust performance. If you're a Clearvale user, expect these features to be up anytime within the week.