Community Highlights: Locate Collaboration Gaps & Break Habits; Enterprise Content Management Misses Your Attention

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CMSWire community contributors work in the trenches of information management, enterprise collaboration and web engagement. In this weekly aggregation we highlight a few of the most impactful community articles. 

Article 1: Enterprise Content Management & Business Process Management in the Cloud 

While mobile and social are certainly big players this year, they're not the only topics we should be giving our attention to. In 2011 businesses will be spending a lot of time in their quest to leverage cloud environments for cost savings, and so it is with great need we learn to understand how different products and solutions support the cloud.

In this article, Palash Ghosh, a BEA Certified Enterprise Architect, IBM Certified OOAD & SOA Solution Designer, discusses enterprise content management and business process management in a cloud environment, with a specific look at some of the players in these markets, including: Alfresco, SpringCM, KnowledgeTree and Nuxeo. 

While the social paradigm and its adoption are very critical to today’s business landscape and for the next generation customer interaction model, we will not be focusing on this phenomenon in this article. We will focus on the cloud computing paradigm, especially on how BPM and ECM tools and technologies can be better leveraged through a cloud operating model and architecture.


Article 2: The Key to Improving Collaboration: Breaking Habits

When bad habits are questioned -- such as sending sensitive information via e-mail -- most people usually have a convenient defense at hand.

Though management consultant Oscar Berg (@oscarberg) says these excuses are occasionally valid, in this piece he reviews the keys to better practices, and wonders why we choose to ignore them. 

It has been said many times before, but needs to be constantly repeated: technology is an enabler and accelerator, not an initiator of change. There must always be an intention and enough motivation, be it intrinsic or extrinsic rewards, self motivation or peer pressure, for an individual to actually change and adopt new behaviors. Improving practices requires us to reflect on our existing practices and behaviors, question them and be curious and explore alternative and better practices.

Gerald Meinert (@Geraldmeinert) agreed to the pitch, claiming new technology to be a piece of cake in contrast to breaking bad habits. 


Learning Opportunities

Article 3: Social Business: Latest Stats Reveal Gaps and Introduce New Traps

Social business debuted as a key business driver in AIIM’s State of the ECM Industry Report, 2011 (no surprise there). And while that may be exciting for some, in this article, Corinne Schmid (@itzcorinne), Director of Product Marketing at Open Text, discusses what the concept is ultimately still characterized as: chaotic and in need of immediate governance.

Gaps include: 

  • Organization without an acceptable usage policy in place
  • No retention policies for internal, social or collaborative information 
  • No archiving policy for information on public sites


Article 4: Social Collaboration In The Cloud: Paranoia Battles Thrift

In this article, Denis Zenkin (@denis_zenkin), leader of global marketing at Bitrix, discusses an interesting thing happening at the social collaboration water cooler: contradiction. 

In the U.S., optimistic scenarios forecasting a very-soon-to-happen mass conversion to SaaS-based business applications dominate. There is a noticeable background of neutral voices cooling down the euphoria. And sometimes you can hit on a conservative judgment challenging the market predictions with well-grounded observations of the real world. The funny thing is that in Europe things are turned inside out.

What do reactions on two different ends of the spectrum signal? Some say it's only a matter of time before everyone becomes converted to the SaaS way of life, while others remain afraid of the unknown.