When CMSWire sat down to talk with Salesforce.comEVP Alex Dayon we were looking for the secrets of successful enterprise collaboration.

Based on our conversation, the not so secret, secret sauce may be to emulate the most popular collaboration tool in the consumer space: Facebook. In Dayon's words, why would you do anything differently when hundreds of millions of people are using this tool, without a user manual.

The discussion wasn't all about Facebook though. Here's part two of ourconversation. And if you missed our first session, catch it here: Chatter vs. Yammer? You Miss the Point.

Emulate Facebook, Really?

Dayon told us that Saleforce.com used Facebook at its guiding light when it developed Chatter, and it continues to do so. He said they brought the best of the consumer world into the enterprise, and that the key to the success of social enterprise tools is deep integration with your business processes and business objects.

Learning Opportunities

Want a Competitive Advantage?

Every organization is looking for a competitive advantage. Dayon says the key to gaining that competitive advantage is information sharing at the speed of your business. So is transparency. And what better way to do that than to use collaboration tools that help your employees stay informed. Working in the stream means working in the information flow that runs at the rate of your business events.

The Best Business Case?

There are a number of business cases for enterprise collaboration. Safesforce.com did a survey of its 6000 customers using Chatter and found some interesting things. Email use was reduced 30%. Meetings were reduced 25%. The result, according to Dayon? Collaboration has a real impact on enterprise productivity.

The key for successful enterprise collaboration is making the tools a part of employees job, part of their processes, and not just another tool to work with.

The lesson from Salesforce: Don't create a collaboration island, it'll eventually sink.