Generating Business Value from Social Networking and Enterprise 2.0

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A few weeks ago I had the privilege of keynoting a conference in Slovenia about informatics. My presentation was all around how social and collaborative tools can provide business value within the enterprise. There were a couple of key points which I felt needed to be addressed.

Collaboration Tools in the Enterprise

A few key points:

  1. It’s not about definitions or terms; instead, it’s about the business value and the type of community you engage (and how).
  2. Collaboration isn’t new; instead, what we are dealing with is a change in culture and technology which is what’s causing the pervasiveness of the whole “social” space. (see 3 Enterprise Collaboration Failures and Lessons Learned)
  3. There are many case studies and examples of companies implementing these tools and strategies within their organizations.
  4. Models and frameworks need to be adaptive, not prescriptive, all while understanding and mitigating risks.

You can find my slides embedded below and please let me know what you think. I always appreciate feedback!

The Business Value of Enterprise 2.0

Managing Personal and Professional Social Media

I felt that the Slovenian market for enterprise collaboration is definitely lagging behind the U.S; however, there are some emergent collaborative tools such as Flowr (keep your eye on this company) which are being developed in that region.

I think the main concern from most of the attendees that I spoke to was managing personal and professional social tools. It’s as though personal lives and professional lives are being combined into just “lives.” It’s understandable why some people would not feel comfortable with such a change.

Learning Opportunities

However, the question of “How do I manage my professional and personal social media?” is still a valid one. It’s going to be a topic that I will endeavor to address in a subsequent post, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the subject first.

If you are using social tools at home and at work, how are you managing your time and the information? Do you just spend all day starting a screen and posting status updates? Clearly that is not something which organizations would find productive!

Editor's Note: Jacob's company Chess Media is conducting a survey on Enterprise 2.0. Interested in participating? Read the details.

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