The rise of Twitter seems to know no bounds, with the social networking site recently celebrating its 5th birthday. Since starting out in 2006, its users have sent billions of messages, with over 140 million a day currently being tapped out around the word. Twitters use in the enterprise is growing more slowly, and a number of clones have sprung up to fill this perceived gap. One such clone, Yammer, has made a number of strides forward recently.

Though Twitter seems to see Facebook as more of a competitor in this space, Yammer continues to add a wealth of enterprise collaboration features to its toolset.

As CMSWire's focus this month is on enterprise collaboration, I thought it would be interesting to see how Yammer has begun to let its users collaborate on the move, with a review of its mobile offerings.

Mobile Options


Yammer for Blackberry lets you view all Yammer feeds, send and receive updates, and reply to existing updates. The interface has been improved since the last version and you can now switch between networks.

Windows Mobile

Yammer doesn’t do quite as well with its support for Windows Mobile. The official app is designed for Windows Mobile 6.5, with little yet on the way for Windows Phone 7. Yammer is designed for the enterprise market, an area Windows mobile was aimed at but one it never really took hold of. It seems Yammer isn't waiting to see if the new OS fares any better. 


The iPhone app replicates the Blackberry application, with one or two additions. Users can browse the Yammer members directory directly from their phone (useful when looking up contacts on that train journey), and you can then email or call them. The iPhone app is regularly updated, with the most recent version in the store at the end of last year.


Yammer on the iPhone


There is currently no dedicated app for the iPad for Yammer. But this is something the team is at work on right now. Dedicated features will include a ‘iPad mail’ layout, using the added space to lay out the Yammer interface more elegantly. Unfortunately there is currently no estimated released date.

SMS Text messages

Finally, Yammer offers the ability to use good old fashioned text messages to interact with the system. Basically the service lets you send updates via text message and receive messages of those you are following. Whilst this is currently only supported in the US, international availability is on its way. Yammer supports SMS in 211 countries

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