HiveMyne Acquires AskMe, Shows How to Socialize Your Knowledge
What do you get when you combine social business software with a social knowledge management application? An opportunity to engage employees, of course. That’s exactly what Hivemyne hopes to do with its acquisition of AskMe.

Hivemyne helps companies “socialize their knowledge” and with AskMe, which was recently featured in the 2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace, companies can build communities and manage, socialize and organize knowledge effectively across departments.

All companies have information; as well, all employees have specific knowledge. How do you connect the two so information flows freely? In a white paper, Seven Secrets to Socializing Knowledge, Hivemyne and AskMe outline their approach. Here are a few components that caught our attention.

Community Building is Key

Knowledge can only be shared when there are people with whom to share it. Finding the right people requires engagement. HiveMyne suggests implementing solutions that facilitate engagement by organizing people into communities. Creating a supportive and non-threatening environment can facilitate dialogue, which can help initiate knowledge sharing and idea innovation.

Unleash the Power of Participation

Getting everyone -- regardless of rank, longevity with the organization or experience -- involved within your community can make knowledge sharing much more successful. When employees feel empowered and supported to share ideas, participation will increase, as will intellectual capital.

Learning Opportunities

Make Information Relevant

One of the most important things to look for in a KM system is its ability to automate the information gathering, metadata tagging and profile updating that keeps your system current. Auto-profiling tools can create and manage data dynamically so information is organized intelligently and effectively.

Integrate Successfully

Knowledge management systems must integrate with your existing environment at many levels so as to make sharing consistent and simple. Being flexible and open makes establishing workflows and content publishing available across a variety of supported platforms.

What Is Your Information Saying?

By thinking of information as social -- as if it’s a living, breathing entity -- may help companies regard its presence as both relevant and necessary to getting work done. Social knowledge likes to engage dynamically with others. It has great insight and can facilitate innovation, which also makes it valuable.