Forget about Box's ongoing SharePoint bashing, Huddle stepped it up a notch and did a little cheer -- and not for SharePoint -- at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim this past week. Oh yea, and they announced a strong first quarter for 2011.

First, The Huddle Business News

Let's get the basic news out of the way first, not because it's boring, but because it isn't as funny as the stunt they pulled at SPC11, and it's quick. According to the cloud-based collaboration vendor, first quarter 2011 saw triple the sales over the same period in 2010.

Along with a number of well-known new customers, it likely also helped that Huddle launched a private cloud secure enough for governments in the UK.

They also added new blood to their team in the form of a former executive. Simon O’Kane, former Managing Director, UK and Ireland, at is now Huddle's VP of Enterprise, gearing up to take Huddle further into the enterprise and government markets.

But enough about all that....

Learning Opportunities

The Huddle

So Box isn't the only vendor who likes to take SharePoint head-on. Actually, I'm surprised they didn't show up at the conference in Anaheim and do something. But Huddle did. They pulled together an entire marching band, Footballers and cheerleading squad -- all decked out in Huddle brand.

According to a source, the cheerleaders did manage to get out one cheer before they were kicked to the curb. Must have been a site to see.

Anyway, it's a good funny for a Friday afternoon.