Jive Acquires OffiSync, Enterprise Embraces Social Business
In a move that promises to instantly socialize Microsoft environments, enterprise collaboration company Jive Software (news, site) has acquired OffiSync. 

Jive CEO, Tony Zingale, neatly wraps up the intentions behind the acquisition in the official announcement:

For those who've wondered whether it's really possible for an enterprise to embrace Social Business, you can stop wondering. With this acquisition, Jive is bringing Social Business to you, where you work, to your desktop, to the applications and emails you live in eight hours a day. Our customers no longer have to choose between collaborating on Jive's Social Business platform or the familiar Microsoft Office UI.

Essentially, OffiSync now enables users to upload a Microsoft Office file (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) into the browser in Jive, and then comment and collaborate with others in the Jive environment. Alternatively, a user can open an MS Office file as they normally would, and utilize a new pane to participate in the same social actions in real-time.

All actions are synced from Word back to Jive so that everyone stays on the same page no matter where they're working from. “It’s one consistent experience,” said Zingale.

“The integration is very deep,” added OffiSync CEO and former Microsoft executive, Oudi Antebi. “You can see edits as they happen. This is social document collaboration as opposed to old school document management where you check in and check out a document and come back two hours later and wait for it. That’s the ’90s.”

Accelerating Social Business Adoption

Jive, which was recently dubbed "The Next Company You Need to Know About" by SFGate, already has somewhere around 3,000 customers and more than 15 million users. But this acquisition will usher in a whole new set of users that may have previously been too intimated by the thought of having to learn to operate in a new environment.

By giving Microsoft users the ability to fully interact with the Jive platform from their desktop application of choice, we should most certainly be seeing an acceleration in social adoption among Microsoft's 600+ million users.