KnowledgeTree (news, site) is evolving with great momentum, integrating mobile apps to complement their already successful document collaboration system and unique special workflow tools. With an iPhone app in the works, an android app already launched and an increase in overall accounts, the future looks promising for KnowledgeTree.

KnowledgeTree offers tools to create great contracts and documents in HR, legal and finance. Peter Mollins, the Senior Director of Product Marketing, and Daniel Chalef, the CEO, talk about the maturation of development for KnowledgeTree, and its role in the enterprise.

What Enterprise 2.0 Means

Chalef sees the maturation of Enterprise 2.0 solutions, evolving from simple web based social networking tools to tools for the enterprise that can support business processes. Tools are now supporting more than the web, offering capabilities over other mediums/channels like mobile.

Mollins says Enterprise 2.0 is all about the ability to create, collaborate on and share great content across the organization. He also says the key is to ensure that people can work together in a way that is easy. Collaboration, he says, is a journey, not an end-point.

Mobile in the Enterprise

KnowledgeTree is taking a special focus on mobile access to its document collaboration solution. Along with its Android apps, KnowledgeTree also has iPad and iPhone waiting to be released.

The focus is on more than simply sharing documents though, it's also about the processes and collaboration required, including activating workflow and viewing the document's activity stream.

Collaborative Cloud Services

As a cloud-based solution itself, KnowledgeTree understands the importance of bringing and supporting key processes in the cloud. Chalef points to line of business applications like CRM and ERP brought into the cloud with collaborative capabilities.

Here are Chalef and Mollins, discussing what Enterprise 2.0 means to them: