A few weeks ago we announced that Chess Media Group is conducting a survey on the State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration. The survey is going to be live for around one more week, and thus far we have around a couple hundred respondents from some of the world’s most well-known organizations around the world. The survey takes around 5-10 minutes to complete and is quite comprehensive.

The results from the survey will also be featured in a book on enterprise collaboration by McGraw-Hill.

The Survey’s Purpose

The purpose of the survey is to answer some of the questions which executives and decision makers for these collaborative initiatives are seeking to have answered, for example:

  • What tools are organizations using within their enterprise and how are they being used?
  • What were the business drivers for deploying collaborative tools within the organization?
  • Did the push for these initiatives come from the bottom up or top down?
  • How were strategies developed?
  • Where is money being spent?
  • Is solving a business problem as good as being able to show a financial ROI?

These are a few of the questions which the survey is seeking to answer, and the report and results will be published in a few weeks. If you are responsible for enterprise collaboration initiatives within your organization, or have colleagues of friend who are, then please take and share this survey, as this will benefit the entire industry.

As the industry matures and organizations start to invest more time and money into these initiatives, it’s going to become even more crucial for these types of questions to get answered -- both for vendors who are looking to get companies to use their products, and for practitioners who are actually implementing these tools and strategies.

Four Free Case Studies

As a thank you, those who complete the survey will receive access to four free in-depth enterprise collaboration case studies on Océ, Vistaprint, Intuit and the Federal Government.

Please take and share this survey with your friends, colleagues and network. If you are a vendor, feel free to send this to your clients. Your participation and help is much appreciated!

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