In a mobile world, it’s easy to forget about multilingual content. While translating and converting content into a variety of languages is not always easy or affordable, Lingotek is making things better for Drupal users. Thanks to a partnership with Acquia, the commercial company that provides support for Drupal, the Drupal community will be able to translate large amounts of its content.

Access to a Global Web

Lingotek can now be embedded directly in Drupal through a set of APIs, which can provide community members access to unlimited language translations through Lingotek's professional, community or machine translators. This partnership allows Drupal, which powers 2% of the web, to more easily translate content, an important factor as companies are beginning to build and operate global web experiences by gaining access to reliable, rapid content translation.

Acquia will begin to incorporate the Lingotek translation module into its Drupal Commons community site to facilitate multilingual interactions among community members.

The Power of Multilingual Web Content

Lingotek's platform gives content owners the power to create content and more easily invite and connect with community members who can view and contribute to translations, as well as rate the accuracy of the translation. The combination of accurate machine translation solutions and real-time community translations, Drupal users will be able to produce "real time" translations more quickly while reducing large costs organizations typical associated with translation services.

Learning Opportunities

There are lots of careful considerations when choosing a global information content management system. Last year, when we covered Common Sense’s ranking of 16 content management systems that deliver the best support for multilingual and multiregional use, we summarized that

When looking to buy a CMS that can handle your global information management scenarios, look at the origin."

Knowing that Drupal users can leverage the translation services of a company, the sole functionality of which is to provide streamlined and accurate multilingual content, puts this partnership ahead of the rest.