Moprise Brings SharePoint, Dropbox to Your iPhone
Gaining access to SharePoint and Dropbox from an iPhone is nothing new. But what if you could gain access to both document storage platforms from one interface -- with a little collaboration thrown in?

A unified experience across SharePoint and Dropbox is exactly what mobile startup Moprise (news, site) intends to deliver with its iPhone app -- Coaxion.

What is Coaxion?

Coaxion, the immediate result of a US$500,000 funding round for the company founded by former Microsoft employees, is an iPhone app that acts like email, looks like instant messaging and integrates with SharePoint and Dropbox.

Coaxion Conversation

Coaxion Conversation

If you are caught out of the office and you need to finalize a document or presentation, a 3G or Wifi connection on your iPhone plus Coaxion can connect you to your team and allow you to work together in real time.

Coaxion Documents

Coaxion Documents

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How Do I Use Coaxion?

After the app is installed on your iPhone, you begin by adding your teammates to a conversation. If they are not already available via the Coaxion interface, you can add them from your contact list.

Once the appropriate people are in the conversation, users can begin adding documents by accessing SharePoint 2003, 2007, or 2010 sites. To improve performance, Microsoft Office documents are processed on Coaxion servers. This could be a dealbreaker from some enterprises -- my advice is to read the terms and conditions closely.

Users can be added at any time that a conversation is occurring. When the conversation is complete, all data is removed from all connected devices. For more details on how to use Coaxion, please see this writeup from our friends at WikiHow.


If you need a mobile solution -- iPhone only so far, but Android coming soon -- that supports SharePoint inside the firewall and Dropbox outside the firewall, then Coaxion is worth a look. If you are already using it, drop us a comment and let us know how it is working out for you.