OpenText Metastorm Brings Social to Business Process Management
Enterprise content management (ECM) company OpenText (news, site) has been busy this month. OpenText's Metastorm business unit announced releases of new versions of its Metastorm business process management (BPM) suite, Smart Business Workspace and new Business Performance Intelligence Dashboards.

OpenText Metastorm Embraces Social

ECM provider OpenText acquired Metastorm earlier this year to enable it to provide solutions that included both content and process management capabilities in one platform. OpenText is continuing to enhance the product line it acquired with a host of new features today, releasing version 9.1 of its BPM suite, version 9.0 of Smart Business Workspace and a new product, Business Performance Intelligence Dashboards.

Metastorm BPM allows customers to model and automate business processes to improve compliance and efficiency. The product comes with a number of process templates that can speed development of organization’s own process management solutions. The 9.1 release of the BPM suite allows customers to jump on the social bandwagon within the BPM environment. The tool now supports collaborative process design and instant collaboration on work items to make group decision making faster. In addition, Metastorm has added:

  • User profile search by skill
  • Improved design environment to enable development of more dynamic applications for better usability, productivity and faster deployment
  • A new Metastorm Business Performance Intelligence Dashboards that provides organizations dynamic graphical dashboards that can be personalized to improve analaysis of business processes managed in Metastorm’s platform

Social Media in a Business Process Context

Metastorm is hoping that its new release will allow its customers to use the benefits of the now familiar social media paradigm within a business process context. Metastorm believes the new capabilities will result in better engagement, increased access to team members and more collaboration to improve the productivity and drive innovation of business processes. In addition, the platform enhancements provide a more personalized user experience that helps users complete tasks more efficiently. Greg Carter, Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Metastorm,  said,

The addition of the Metastorm Business Process Intelligence dashboards further strengthens our ability to offer our customers the resources to make smart, informed business decisions and drive meaningful change across the enterprise."

With social concepts now being as ubiquitous within corporate walls as they are on every sixteen-year-old’s cell phone, why not add them to business process management? It has to be more efficient than lengthy power point meetings and email chains.