Pulse 1.4 Securely Brings Together Orgs & their Communities
Neudesic (news, site) recently rolled out an upgrade to Pulse. Version 1.4 of the social business software includes a handful of new features, including Pulse Bridge: an external connector enabling collaboration between companies and customers. 

Bringing Companies, Partners and Customers Together

Pulse Bridge essentially enables organizations and their communities, such as customers or partners, to interact securely through multiple modes of authentication and managed authorization. Private environments are provided for organizations to collaborate, significantly reducing the time it takes to respond to customer feedback, questions or support issues.

“We believe the value of enterprise social software multiplies exponentially when external communities are included,” said Ramin Vosough, Neudesic’s General Manager of Product Marketing. “Our customers and partners already see the benefits of bringing their external communities into the conversation through Pulse Bridge and can now identify experts, reach decisions and resolve pain points much faster.”

Meanwhile, other new features are making their debut along with Bridge:

  • Hierarchical tags that support more structured, organized tagging, making it easier to filter for relevant information
  • Daily email digests of Pulse activities and the ability to reply to posts directly from email
  • The ability to ask questions using the Pulse IQ feature from any Pulse page 

A Finger on the Pulse

While the social business war wages around us, Neudesic is doing well. We initially covered the platform late last year, highlighting its aim to be a solution for outfits of any size, as well as an equal-opportunity platform when it comes to CRM or collaboration. 

In more recent times, the company won the 2011 Microsoft Mobility Business-to-Consumer Application Partner of the Year Award, honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

"We're honored to win the Mobility Business-to-Consumer Partner of the Year Award from Microsoft," stated Anthony Ferry, the company's VP of Sales and Marketing. "Our team thrives on building exciting mobile solutions for our customers. It is great to have Neudesic acknowledged by Microsoft as the leader among Mobility partners."