Socialcast Reach V2 Enhances Embedded Business Activity
Socialcast (news, site) aimed to put collaboration in context with the release of Reach in October of last year. Rather than creating a new space for collaboration, Socialcast Reach brings the conversation into already existing applications, such as SharePoint and CRM systems. This week, a new version of Reach was announced, adding a handful of features:

  • OAuth2 Support: OAuth2 support is in its final beta stages. The addition aims to benefit both 1st-Party clients as well as Reach and Third-Party created extensions.
  • Improved SSO Support: SSO authentication means improved support for communities
  • Profile Extension: A new, dynamic extension for embedding Socialcast user profiles into any business system
  • New Share Button Extensions: Share a message, ask for help or request a review from any application
  • Advanced Search APIs and Combined Search Templates: Allow for combined search results to be displayed in one view
  • Google Gadget: Embed Socialcast streams anywhere a Google Gadget can be installed

"Working with enterprise customers has opened our eyes to important considerations that must be considered when embedding 'social' into existing business systems, including authentication and the specific types of streams and activities that are the most valuable to companies," wrote Matt Wilkinson, the company's Vice President of Product, in the official announcement.

Socialcast Reach within Salesforce

The Competition Cometh

Embedding seems to be all the rage with microblogging-based tools these days. Just yesterday, Yammer (news, site) announced three new additions to its business suite, one of them being the ability to embed streams into supported applications (HTML or JavaScript-based).

Learning Opportunities

"...we don’t think companies want a dozen different social networks — that’s a recipe for fragmentation and chaos," said Yammer's CEO, David Sacks, at the press conference held in San Francisco.

Will stepping into Socialcast's primary territory be bad news for the company? We assume so. Today, there's a ton of microblogging-based products for enterprise collaboration out there, but Yammer seems to be on a hell-bent mission to become the go-to solution. 

Time will tell. Check out Socialcast's latest release for more information here.