Yammer Adds Badges & In-line Video to Enterprise Platform
Yammer (news, site) added two notable features to its business communication platform today: in-line videos within news feeds and recognition badges.

I Have to Praise You Like I Should

Praise is a new application that allows users toreward colleagues with badges. These badges can be given out as congratulations for a specific achievement or just for being great. Users will be able to see all the badges they and their colleagues have collected over time via a recognition tab.

"When employees are publicly recognized for doing a good job or thanked for their efforts, they feel good about themselves and the company," said David Sacks, CEO of Yammer. "With the launch of Praise, we are making it easy for users to shine the spotlight on colleagues who have done well, which in turn has the potential to increase employee morale, retention and engagement."

Attaching Videos

If a Yammer user attaches a video to a message, that video can now be played directly within the feed. Like Facebook, users can then comment on and like the video if they see fit. Users can also browse all uploaded videos that have been added to a company’s stream and search for videos by keyword.

It looks a little something like this:

Learning Opportunities



The player HTML5 compatible and works in the browser, on the iPhone, and on the iPad.

Up, Up and Away

While these are relatively small additions to Yammer's platform (bigger news happened earlier this month with the release of the company's 3 new business integration tools), the addition of these features shows that Yammer is dead set on becoming the social network for the enterprise.